For sound economic reasons, all major utilities in the United States are provided by commercial entities.

So too should air navigation services. 


is an advocacy platform for the free-market provision, trade and consumption of U.S. aviation infrastructure capacity. It is intended that this economic structure will provide America with an air transportation system which can continue to serve as a strategic enabler of economic growth into the 21st century.

Why is this necessary?No room to climb

The federal provision of aviation infrastructure capacity is a fixed system of economic development which is not self-sustainable. Despite the development of the Next Generation Air Navigation System (NextGen) in the coming decades, the inherent inefficiency of the federal economic system through which NextGen will be implemented and operated will likely continue to cause economically sub-optimal performance for the U.S. air transportation industry. This is due to this federal system’s fixed inability to accommodate rapidly occurring market influences. It is proposed these dynamics will cause the continued waste of increasingly constrained global resources, as well as the continued failure to capture the economic productivity necessary for ensuring American competitiveness and GDP growth in the 21st Century global economy.

Fixed systems of economic development plan for, or hedge against, the future occurrence of presently known events. As such, these fixed systems must rely on prediction, preparation and contingency planning to build the physical and operational means for meeting presently known events - as they occur in the future. Unfortunately, this ‘Maginot Line’ system of economic development cannot prepare for all permutations of choice, chance and certainty which might occur. No economic system can.

However, throughout the past several centuries of global development, there has been one economic system which has consistently demonstrated its power to meet the random occurrences of choice, chance and certainty and adapt to the consequences they impose. It is the free market.

As a free-market system, V1's proposal for creating economically sustainable aviation infrastructure capacity goes beyond the mere reliance on planning for, or hedging against, the future. It is intended that this free market system for the provision, trade, and consumption of aviation infrastructure capacity will have the power to create the future, at the occurring margin of human choice which takes place each moment in the free market.

Please view V1 Work/The V1 Project for more details. 

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Creating the Future -

At the margin between "the now" and "the next".



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